Electronic Log Devices

What is an ELD?


An ELD is a device that:

  • Automatically records data elements, including driving time, geographic location and time of day

  • Transfers ELD data electronically to the fleet

  • Is integrally synchronized to the engine in the truck

  • Accurately records the driver’s on-duty & driving time

  • Meets the minimum technical specifications of the ELD rule of the FMCSA mandate

  • Is registered on the FMCSA website: www.fmcsa.dot.gov/elds

Two-Types of ELDs



  • Proprietary hardware

  • Tethered to the truck


  • Requires a smartphone/tablet

  • Wireless Communication


ELD Requirements

  • They must be mounted in a fixed position viewable by the driver while seated normally.

  • They must be able to transfer data electronically when requested at a roadside inspection.

  • If the data transfer fails, the driver may present a printout from the ELD or show his display screen.

  • The ELD record must provide standardized data with a header, graph grid and detail log.


ELD Enforcement

DECEMBER 18, 2017


Drivers who do not have an AOBRD or approved ELD will receive a citation for non-compliance.

APRIL 1, 2018

Drivers who do not have an AOBRD or approved ELD will be consider “non-compliant” as if they had no logbook at all and they will be placed OUT OF SERVICE

Top 2 Types of ELDs

Roadlog ELD

Tethered option with no monthly contract

Omnitracs ELD

The industry leader in telematics

Continental VDO Roadlog


​It meets all the current and future CSA regulations to cover:

  • HOS (Hours Of Service) driver logs

  • DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports)

  • IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)

  • IRP (International Registration Plan)

Best Features:


  • It installs in 15-20 minutes

  • It is hard-wired with no signal loss

System Components

Vehicle Unit

Installation/Cable Kit

Fleet/Office Software

Driver Key

Typical System Costs

Part Number

PSO 3290 10100100

PSO 3290 90101200

PSO 3290 90030100

PSO 3290 90030200


Base Vehicle Unit

9-Pin Direct Install Cable

Driver Key

Fleet Key (w/ license)

Retail Cost





Total = $749.00

Note: The Driver Key & Fleet Key are USB sticks

Omnitracs IVG

  • Easy installation - takes only 30 minutes

  • 8" diagonal high-definition touchscreen display

  • Enables hands-free access to key information

Typical System Costs


Part Number

PSO PP807063


Display + Cable for Freightliner

Retail Cost


*All kits are specific to diagnostic cable connectors

  • Monthly service rates start at $19.95/mo

  • Omnitracs was formally Qualcomm so they have been in the telematics business longer than any competitor

  • This is the best option for customers looking for more than just an ELD

Retail Price Comparison


Where to buy?

You can purchase any of these top 2 ELDs at our Parts Department and Warehouse.  Any of our qualified staff will be happy to answer any questions you have on ELDs as well.

View our locations page for directions



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